• Representation Matters


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 Representation Includes More Than Just Cishet Black Folx 

The Black community is not a monolith therefore you will see ALL of us represented. If this makes you uncomfortable, find another Black-owned brand to support. Kinky Kouture believes #allblacklivesmatter. 

Representation Means Including Dark Skinned Models In Campaigns 

Yes, we know, we know. Black folxs come in the brightest of whites and darkest of blacks. That's the beauty of being Black #ILBB.  However, as a lighter skinned Black woman, I am using my platform to highlight darker skinned Black models. Will I only use darker skinned models? Absolutely not, but I personally feel it is important for our communities to do a better job of centering darker Black womxn in our campaigns. 

Representation Also Means Inclusion When It Comes To Age 

Let's keep it real-sex doesn't stop at 40 so why should our marketing only focus on highlighting youth? Many older couples are sexually active well into their 80s and 90s, health permitting. How do I know this? I have had raw and uncut conversations with my grandmothers and great-aunts. Yes, you read that right. Your girl talks sex with the elders in her family. 

Representation Also Includes Size Inclusion


Representation Matters

"Nude" or "natural" options typically default to white when it comes to skin tone.  People of color make up the majority of the world's population and yet items that are reflective of us and our preferences are few and far between.