Sooooooo, Um, Yeah....Why Sex Toys?

Well, let's be honest...Sex sells, especially with Rona keeping us captive in the house. At some point ya'll were gonna need a lil sumthin' sumthin' to kick things up a notch, or ten. Hey, I ain't here to judge; ya girl is in to some real kinky shit.

Transparent Cardi B Png - Cardi B Tongue Sticking Out, Png Download


So what makes Kinky Kouture different than some of the other well-known brands and why shouldn't you just order from a more well-known brand, such as, well (insert brand name here)?  

I have made a point to curate an online shopping experience that centers US. No more putting black, brown, or dark in the search bar to find black sex toys. Don't see something you are looking for and want me to carry it? Email me at Now go buy some ish and help me get out this student loan debt right quick (kidding...kinda). 

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Erica M

So I ordered the rose and clit sensitivity gel along with some other items. When my pacage arrived I was more giddy than a kid on Christmas. I could not wait to tear into my box and test out my new goodies. Well unfortunately thats what I had to do. It was the middle of the day, I still had work and my kid was still virtual learning. The minutes felt like hours and they hours felt like days but finally I made to 8pm, the golden hour when I can put my kid to bed and have some ME time. By 8:01 my bedroom door was locked, clothes off and on the floor and rose in hand fresh off the charger. I first applied the clit sensitized and with in minutes my love button was enjoying a refreshing cooling tingle sensation that had me ready to go. I swear at this point all it would have taken was a cool breeze blow on by to push me over the edge, so I knew it was time to turn on the rose. I gingerly positioned this beautiful pink flower over my ever anticipating clit and pressed the on button and bay-bay! When I tell you I saw the sun, the moon, the mountain and the rivers! When I tell you I was on clouds 9, 10 and 11. When I say that my climax climaxed! That is the best combination since peanut butter met jelly yall! Now I have since used them both separately and they definitely get the job done and get it done well but together…..its magical!!!

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