A Rose By Any Other Name

It's been roughly two months since KK launched and I cannot begin to thank you all enough for the love you have shown us. You all have truly showed out! Ya girl is on her third restock for the Rose Clit Sucker aka the ultimate penis person replacement.

The reviews for this thing have been unanimous and ya girl has received many a tag on her PERSONAL FB PAGE about this specific item. I've also heard on good authority it pairs great with the Clit Sensitizing Gel, which can be purchased here. Luckily for you freaks I don't embarrass easily... If you have purchased and used one of these Roses, leave me your thoughts below!


T. Cannon

After cursing out the post office for saying my rose was delivered a day earlier when it actually wasn’t I was excited and anxious once I received my package. After a looooong day of stress and the thoughts of what that petal(mouth) do lol. I got my threenager to bed, took a shower and while in the shower I wondered hmmmm, didn’t it say it was waterproof? So I tried in the shower and OH…..MY….BEJEZZUS. My knees buckled from my orgasm, I think I heard angels singing. Ever had that ear ringing sensation after some good sex? Yup, that’s how I felt. I haven’t named my rose YET, but with those vibrations it DESERVES a human name from me lol. Definitely recommend!


I thought I loved flowers, before! Roses, by default, are now my favorite! This little gadget here 😍 gave me life.
The settings switch up and you don’t know what’s next…! It’s like… my personal magic fairytale rose, that I love so much…🤗
It is discreet and stays by my beside, (when charging I call it my night light). I have found my new favorite (over my Hitachi wand) 🙌🏽

Erica M

So I ordered the rose and clit sensitivity gel along with some other items. When my pacage arrived I was more giddy than a kid on Christmas. I could not wait to tear into my box and test out my new goodies. Well unfortunately thats what I had to do. It was the middle of the day, I still had work and my kid was still virtual learning. The minutes felt like hours and they hours felt like days but finally I made to 8pm, the golden hour when I can put my kid to bed and have some ME time. By 8:01 my bedroom door was locked, clothes off and on the floor and rose in hand fresh off the charger. I first applied the clit sensitized and with in minutes my love button was enjoying a refreshing cooling tingle sensation that had me ready to go. I swear at this point all it would have taken was a cool breeze blow on by to push me over the edge, so I knew it was time to turn on the rose. I gingerly positioned this beautiful pink flower over my ever anticipating clit and pressed the on button and bay-bay! When I tell you I saw the sun, the moon, the mountain and the rivers! When I tell you I was on clouds 9, 10 and 11. When I say that my climax climaxed! That is the best combination since peanut butter met jelly yall! Now I have since used them both separately and they definitely get the job done and get it done well but together…..its magical!!!

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